Working with an empty slate

So our backyard has been empty since we bought the house.  We have 1 crooked tree that the builder should have taken out (I find it hard to believe THAT was the best looking tree to keep).  We have a GIANT backyard with nothing in it.

This year we finally started working on making the backyard usable.  Landscaping, adding a deck to our tiny patio, etc.  Right now our patio is 10×10 covered slab.  It has a smoker, a wooden cooler, a grill, plants, AND a table and chairs.  We rarely use any of it because it’s so cramped.

Over the last 2 weekends, Dan and I worked long hours to accomplish the prep work.  2 weekends ago we rented a sod cutter and Dan and my dad went to town on the cutting the grass we don’t need.  I hauled all of the sod to the edge of the yard, where we stacked it.  Our neighbor took a bit and some lady from Craigslist took the rest.

This past weekend we cleaned up the rest of the grass remains, Dan built 2 raised beds and we filled with 4 yards of soil (which was approximately 23 wheel barrows per bed).  I can’t wait to plant our garden in these in a few weeks, if I ever have the time!  I also need to keep the neighbors cat OUT.  Missy and Chanel haven’t been allowed out during construction, but when they are, they will not be allowed in the beds either.  


I dug holes for 6 trees on Saturday morning.  We planted them Sunday morning.  Did I mention where I live is called the Boulders?  No joke, you really should have a jackhammer or an auger.


Missy was a great supervisor from inside the house.  You can see the edge of where the small side of the deck is going.

supervisorI was a bad girl and exceeded my lifting limit.  Ok it wasn’t lifting but pushing or pulling more than 15 lbs of pressure is a no-no.  I hope I didn’t set myself back but I am not used to being so useless!

It drizzled the last 2 days at the house.  Today was supposed to be the real start of the deck construction, an old coworker of mine was hired to build it.  Hoping he was able to do a little bit.

Did I mention Dan scheduled something on our calendar using said deck in a little over a week?  EEEK!


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