Forced rest for the weary

I had the perfect plan this week.  Slow.  Take it easy at work.  Get extra sleep.  Recover from my surgery.  Go home to see baby Evan and my parents Friday afternoon after work.

NONE of that happened.

Although I was off all medication except surgery vitamins and antibiotic, I was a zombie on Monday at work.  I told everyone I was just going to chill in my office and do my thing.  I am glad i’d lowered my standing desk, because standing wasn’t in my best interest.  Neither were the jeans I wore to work.  Word to the wise, I don’t care what kind of surgery you have, the water retention all goes to your middle.  I wore leggings the rest of the week.  Also not flattering, but at least I wasn’t uncomfortable.

Monday was a long day.  So long, that at the 2nd to last stop light of my ride home, I fell asleep sitting at the light.  I was that jerk who didn’t move and got honked at.  Not good.  I had to go back to Austin for a LUNA photo that evening and I had Dan drive me back after I attempted a 30 minute nap.

The rest of the week was slightly better, but with this week being the last week of legislative filing for bills, work was FLOODING in.  I worked long and non-stop all week.  I was a bad girl and moved my desk back to standing.  #1 I am not supposed to lift anything for 3 weeks and #2 standing probably not the best idea.  But I honestly concentrate so  much better standing, I had to.

I got home from work last night at 9 pm.  By 9 pm last night i’d planned to be watching tv with my parents at their house and visiting with them.  My dad had cataract surgery on Wednesday and i’d wanted to visit him.  Plus baby Evan is over a month old now and I haven’t seen him in exactly a month 😦  It was only supposed to be a day trip, but that’s better than nothing. Talked to my mom when I got off of work and she begged me to just stay home this weekend and rest (she doesn’t know about the surgery, she just knows I’ve been working alot and she knows i’m supposed to be reducing stress).

Instead Friday night was a very late dinner (luckily I had leftovers from Duck Dynasty night at our house).  Yes, I make cajun food every Wednesday for Duck Dynasty, I should start featuring what we have each week.  I tried to make Dan wear camo, maybe next week 😉  I had made cajun rubbed pork roast that i’d pinned  (got great reviews), but neither of us really liked it much, I think we like spice way too much and it needed way more.  I ended up repurposing the leftovers into a salad one night and for cajun spiced spuds last night.  Dan loved the spuds idea (I doctored the pork with extra cajun spice, put his in a baked potato with cheese and onions).

I crashed out around 11 pm which is late for me.  Dan tried to move me upstairs, but since I have to sleep in a certain position, I asked him to leave me down in the chair, where i’d passed out.  Would have been fine, if Missy wasn’t being a brat and jumping all over me.  Kind of hard to anticipate an aerial assault in your sleep.  He wanted to lock her in the bathroom, but I wouldn’t let him.

So my Saturday now consists of:  Dan leaving to go to FW to have fun without me, me running errands, getting a haircut, and watching Redbox.  Dan ordered me to stay at home, minus the haircut I booked before he woke up.  Hey, I am in DIRE need.  Too bad my color lady lives where my parents live.  I only like her to touch my hair, but the color is trashy looking right now.  I may cave and hit Walgreen’s before I let someone else touch my hair!  At least it’ll be cut in a few hours, that’s half the battle.

Getting home from work so late last night and working so much when I shouldn’t have been working much at all is a reminder to me to SLOW DOWN.  I am supposed to be healing my adrenal fatigue and i’m now healing from the unrelated surgery.  So that’s just what I am going to do 🙂


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