The good kind of break

So I saw Primal Toad or someone post something about a Facebook hiatus from Tuesday evening until Monday night.  He asked you share the status if you wanted to participate.

Why the heck not?

Dan tells me I am on my phone too much anyhow.  Mark Sisson and other health bloggers talk about the negative impact of random people, especially not in your core group of friends and family, being a distraction and a hidden stressor.

I don’t need any additional stress in my life.

So, what have I been doing since Tuesday night’s Facebook hiatus?

I deleted it off of my phone.  Maybe not permanently, but I can’t screw around on it if it’s not there.  I’ve not really used my laptop either, so it hasn’t really been a temptation.

I had off of work Wednesday afternoon, through Friday.  Medical leave.  I am fine.  Sad part is, while this little medical break from work cost me a pretty penny and 100% out of pocket, I have been 100% unstressed.   Yes, even before I had a gazillion types of medications to take, I was still unstressed.  How sad is it that I have to be on medical leave to escape the stresses of work?  I didn’t tell anyone why I was out.  Not my sister, not my bff, not even my mother.  I only got a Dr. note for work, just in case any of my limitations come up.

Back to the medical part.  I have been in zero pain.  Watched several movies, slept on and off many times.  While this procedure has nothing to do with my thyroid or adrenal fatigue,  I do think that the restrictions I have placed on have to be helping that area.  I lowered my work desk to sitting before I left on Wednesday afternoon, because I know it’ll be a few weeks before I can stand full time again.

Downfall?  No activity, zero walking and any other type of activity, including yoga until maybe April.  Maybe even starting to run then.  I have a follow up appointment Wednesday to address what I can do and when.  I got groceries this morning by myself, which was a bad idea.  I didn’t exceed weight restrictions, but having someone to help would have been easier.

Dan took really good care of me, but it’s become pretty obvious how much housework I do on a daily basis around here.  Even though I haven’t been cooking since Wednesday night when we got home, the kitchen was a wreck 3 times.    I am not talking small wreck.  I am talking both sides of the sink full, plus dishes on stove and sides of sink.  Clean dishes in dishwasher.  Dishes ALL OVER!  I just about had a melt down over it several times.  I didn’t misbehave and touch any of them, but I just about lost is seeing everything in such a mess.  Dan cleaned it all up before leaving for a funeral this morning (I couldn’t go, I can’t be in the car that long yet).

I also have my next hormone appt at the end of March.   That ought to be interesting  because I had to go off all hormones, except thyroid before surgery.  I will not have enough time to resume the other hormones before I return to the Dr mid-march.  I am thinking about letting them just test me wherever I am at this point, with just the thyroid and nothing else in my system.  It’s probably a good way to see if i’ve been wasting money on all of the other stuff i’ve been consuming for months.  If my levels don’t look any different without them in my system, I can’t say that I am convinced that I want to keep taking all of that stuff.   I honestly hope I can convince the hormone Dr. to raise my thyroid again (which is low according to every blood test I have had in the last 2 months).   Don’t ask me why when he sees it is low, that I have to wait a whole month to address the stupid levels!   In fact, it’s so low, the surgeon was on the fence about letting me go through with everything on Wednesday.

So here’s to the stress staying at bay, for full and happy healing, and getting back to the things I love all in due time!

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