Things I like Thursday: Savory Spice shop

I know everyone is a big fan of Penzey’s Spices.

Move over Penzey’s!

Not only is Savory Spice hands down the best spices and spice blends i’ve ever tasted, but their customer service is outstanding.

First off, I don’t have to worry about gluten.  With the exception of maybe a handful of items, everything is gluten free.

I love that you can buy amounts of anything as small as 1/2 ounces up to bulk amounts.  Every time I go, I buy at least 5-6 new things to try.  You may have seen my spice storage squares with all of my 1/2 ounce sample size bags.   If you are wondering why they are pinned on corkboard, it’s so the spice bags don’t seep onto each other and compromise any of the flavors of the other blends.spice square

One of my latest loves is Long’s Peak Pork Chop seasoning.  All of their spices, no matter the quantity, list the ingredients, directions, serving suggestions and name.  pork spice

What I did with it:porkchop 2

Marinated pork chops in the Long’s Peak Pork Chop seasoning for an hour, then sprinkled a little more, and broiled them 6 minutes on each side.  Sliced and served over salad and roasted mixed veggies.  SUPER easy!

I LOVED the flavor.  We have a winner.  I will be buying a larger quantity of this seasoning blend the next time I go back.

Other blends i’ve tried and loved:  Chorizo seasoning, Hot Jamaican Jerk, pasta sprinkle (herbs).   I now own full size jars of these.   As you can see, I still have quite a few to try!


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