Lazy Luckenbach Sunday

I slept awful Saturday night, but that didn’t stop me from waking up at 6 am on Sunday.  Got dressed in my running clothes and went the the Hill Country Running Company post-Austin marathon breakfast.  Yes, I am a poser and wore running clothes, because all of my other friends, even if they didn’t run the half or full, were going to be running before breakfast and dressed like runners.

I’d planned afterwards to go to the gym, but I ran out of time.  Headed home and got ready to head of out town for the day.  Our friend Adam Hood was playing in Luckenbach in a song swap with Courtney Patton and Brian Keane.  swap

It’s completely worth the 1.5 hour drive to get away, even if just for the afternoon.  

They played from 1-5, the weather was nice, and the company was excellent.

Here’s a tour, just in case you’ve never been.  If you haven’t, you need to.  It’s famous world-wide and not just because of the country song of the same name 🙂

Is this not the cutest bathroom you’ve ever seen?  It’s covered in license plates from all over the country, as it the outdoor stage.


There is the very tiny Hondo’s bar,


Which is connected to the post office/gift shopluckenbach

The dancehall was closed, since the weather was so nice out, so they used the outdoor stage.  The dancehall is a whole other experience, also enjoyable but I like outdoors better!


The worst part was having to drive home, but I was in such a good mood, I barely minded the time it took to get back to the city.  It was so nice to go see a concert, sit at a picnic table, and just chill.  It wasn’t late, it wasn’t smokey, and it wasn’t flooded with annoying people.

That’s my kind of Sunday!


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