Things I like Thursday: Get-up, stand-up

Couldn’t resist a little Bob Marley tune 🙂

Introducing my new stand-up desk at work.  I am not the first one in the agency, but the first one in my office.  I have a lot of jealous people lurking around.  I’ve only been asking for this for 2 years!new desk

So far, so good.  Day #1 I only sat to eat breakfast and lunch.   I probably should have eased into it a little more because my feet hurt now.  Baby steps.    I am thinking about getting an anti-fatigue mat to stand on and taking my shoes off.  I saw somewhere, maybe Rob Wolff, that they make grass mats to stand on with your bare-feet.  Sounds fun!

I did, however, have to rearrange my whole dang office, because this adjustable desk is smaller than the piece of modular that came out.  Which led to me doing a mass cleaning of EVERYTHING!  At least I purged a bunch of useless stuff and got rid of clutter 🙂

So here’s to less sitting on my rear, acclimating to standing, and hopefully putting less stress on my hips and back from the crummy chair!


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