God Bless Chris Kyle

Yesterday afternoon I left the office to run errands.  I rarely leave during lunch, but needed to do a few things.  As I pulled out of the office, about 100 of my coworkers were lined up on the sidewalk that borders the IH-35 southbound access road.  It was at that moment that I remembered that Chris Kyle’s funeral was Tuesday.

As I proceeded to the light, to make the turnaround to head back north, I saw the whole overpass was filled with Austinites, Austin Fire and Police Departments, etc.

I kept driving.

And then I whipped into the parking lot on the northbound access road, parked my car, and joined the other people on the overpass.  I just couldn’t keep driving, I had to stop.ChrisKyle

I am glad I did.  I can’t even express how it felt to stand there with all of those people.  It made me feel better about people in general and people’s support of our country and our military.  I cried for someone I never met.

The procession was incredibly moving.  Motorcycle cops, honor guard bikers, charter buses of mourners, other law enforcement, and individuals.  Many of the cars passing through in the procession were waving and gesturing thanks to the American flag waving people on the overpass.  It wasn’t just our overpass.  It was overpasses the whole way from North Texas down to East Austin where the Texas state cemetery is.  ChrisKyle3


I’m sad I didn’t get better photos.

The last two photos are courtesy of my office’s webpage.  Our agency photographer took these.large_honorguard medium_procession2

I felt sad that Dan wasn’t able to participate.  He’d wanted to ride for honor guard, but he wasn’t able to take off the whole entire day.  He’d also missed the procession as it went through Georgetown.  I tried to share with him what it was like, but words just couldn’t explain.  God Bless Chris Kyle.


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