Fun facts Friday: Yoga edition

Since I have been doing quite a bit of yoga, I thought i’d do some fun random facts/observations.

  • I’ve been doing yoga more regularly for a month.  I am not sure I have improved a great deal, but I do like it.
  • I really want to improve my flexibility which is REALLY poor.
  • I’ve been doing flow (which is yoga, pilates, and tai-chi) at Golds, vinyasa yoga on Mondays at Golds, and once a week classes at Lululemon or at the CP center.
  • I’d love to  join a studio, but it’s $$$ and I don’t think I can justify having a gym membership and a yoga studio membership.  Single classes start to add up fast too.
  • I made homemade essential oil scented yoga mat cleaner 🙂 I’m super excited about it.  So fancy!
  • I bought yoga clothes.  Previously yoga pants were my lazy clothes, lol!  Now I have leggings, tanks, etc.
  • I downloaded some video podcasts to do at home.  Still looking for more ideas.
  • I did crow successfully at BFree’s studio last week.  I was super excited.  Now I can’t do it again 😦

And then there are the rants…

  • Wednesday at flow the man in front of me was grunting loudly.  Totally annoying and distracting.  If it’s that hard, maybe you need to modify.
  • Clothes.  I’ve made clothing mistakes before, like the tank top that didn’t stay put and insisted on going over my head when I did downward dog.  It was a yoga top, but not a very functional one.
  • Other people’s clothes.  There is this older lady who wears a heavy knit sweater and TINY baggy shorts to the class at lulu.  It’s so not appropriate on so many levels.  The odd part is that she changes into this when she arrives.
  • People who leave in the middle of the final relaxation.  I HATE that.  Nothing is more aggravating than noise and distraction when you are trying to relax.  Leave when you see it’s about to happen.
  • I skinned both of my elbows doing yoga.  Yes, I can hurt myself doing anything!  I will never wear long sleeves again, even if it’s cold.  long sleeves, plus plank taps, plus mat=disaster.  I may rock the move, but paid the price.
  • I want to buy everything in Lululemon, but have bought nothing.  Their stuff is so cute, but it’s so expensive and maybe I just don’t have the body for their stuff.  I know everyone loves it, but I don’t think it loves me.
  • It’s a slow progress type of thing.  I am not patient.   I keep telling myself one day I will be decent at this!

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