Birthday weekend was a bit disappointing.  My dad didn’t really care to be in town, Dan was home for only 24 hours, dinner atmosphere wasn’t great, my parents argued all weekend, blah blah blah.  I didn’t feel like I really got a weekend.  In fact, I almost took a sick day today for myself.  I never do that, but it sure was tempting.

I did enjoy some two yoga classes (2 new ones!) and two Galloway runs over the weekend.  As much as I want to run though, I am wondering if Galloway may be still harming my adrenals.  I don’t want to further my burnout.

Speaking of burning.  Some kids in a hot-rod started an oil fire in the parking lot of Cavendar’s yesterday.  I was lucky enough to be parked right next to them.  So my car ended up being covered in fire extinguisher chemicals.  I needed to wash it anyhow, but I wasn’t planning on running it to the carwash immediately to get all of the chemical crap off of my car!  I guess at least my car didn’t catch on fire.

I didn’t find boots at Cavendar’s, but I didn’t find ones I finally loved at Shepler’s.  Only $400 with a 25% off coupon.  Even with birthday money, I can’t bring myself to buy them.  I already have grief spending $140 on running shoes.

Sunday night I threw split chicken breasts on the grill and turned around to take the pan inside and get a clean one.  In that amount of time the skin/fat flamed on the grill and charred the heck out of the outside of the chicken.  I finished the chicken in the stove, but I was SO mad.  All of my seasonings were burned off.  The chicken was still good, but not as good as it would have been.  Bummer.  Plus then I had to peel all of the char off of all of the chicken.  I never do that, so mad at myself.

What wasn’t disappointing is that my “nephew” was born on Saturday morning!  I talked to my BFF on the phone Friday night, they sent her to the hospital.  I talked to her again Saturday morning around 10.  80 minutes later I got a text message with a photo from her husband that he was here!  I couldn’t believe it!  When I talked to her last, she was saying she was going to take a nap and chill.  Pretty sure that never happened, lol!  I want to post pics, but didn’t clear that with momma yet 😉  I don’t want to be disrespectful and post pics of him everywhere if she doesn’t like that.

I am dying to meet him.  I wish I didn’t have commitments all week and through the weekend 😦  I am hoping Saturday afternoon I can get down to San Antonio to spend some time with them!  I didn’t want to stress her out with more visitors and chaos than was already happening over the weekend, nor did I want to interrupt them when they first get home.   This was REALLY hard for me, especially seeing family and extended family show up at the hospital, but I kept telling myself it was better to wait to see them.

This is going to be the longest week EVER!  I cannot wait until Saturday afternoon.


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