Fun Facts Friday

Today’s installment of the first Friday of February Fun Facts!

  • I wore yoga clothes today and dressed it up with a sweater and jewelry.  No lie.  Next time i’ll wear a different cardigan, I am having a hard time covering the straps on my shirt, lol!  Or wear a different shirt.
  • I escape to flow class during lunch on Fridays.  If my schedule would slow down any, I would go Mondays and Wednesdays too.
  • I LOVE my gel manicure but it’s time to get a new one and my lady is booked really far out 😦 I may have to cheat on her. No way can I wait until Feb. 13!
  • My nephew should be born in the next week.  My fingers are still crossed for Tuesday, but I think tomorrow on Groundhog’s day would be fun!
  • My family is in town for the weekend, Dan is only here tomorrow.  I am supposed to be planning something fun to do tomorrow and I have ZERO ideas, other than doing yoga tomorrow morning with my mom.  My sister has already indicated it’s too early for her.  Even when I sleep in, I am an early bird.
  • I get lemon seeds stuck in my reusable straw every day.  No matter how much I de-seed the lemons, I always seem to find one, darn it!
  • I just realized I haven’t decorated my office for Valentine’s Day, I better get on it.  Stupid holiday, but I love the decorations!
  • There is a chili cook-off today during lunch at work.  People FLOCK to those things.  I’ve seen the people that work in the other offices, they are strange, and I would NEVER eat anything they made.  Hell, they can’t even keep the breakroom clean or their cubicals.
  • I made chocolate chili for dinner tonight and I can’t wait to eat it!  Melissa @ The Clothes Make the Girl is AWESOME!
  • Sunday is going to be fab.  Run-walk, yoga, get to see some of my running buddies for a Austin Marathon meeting, then family time with mom and dad (Dan will be en-route to Memphis).
  • Speaking of the parents.  They both just got their first smart phones.  They both got iphone 5 and have no idea how to use them.  I will be teaching them all weekend, lol.  I just got my first iphone in December, but I’ve had a smart phone for years and had an itouch.  They both just learned to text, it’s so funny!

Signed up for Run to the Finish’s February challenge, which is clean breakfasts.


The rules:

  • Include protein in your morning meal – (I always do this)
  • Challenge yourself to eliminate beverage calories (I only do this if I make a shake or smoothie which is rare)
  • Include a veggie (I get made fun of at work all of the time for this)
  • Eat within 30 minutes of getting out of bed   (this I kinda do, explain more below)
  • Make it clean! (it’s always clean)

This is today’s breakfast:


Sausage, spinach, and avocado.   Before you jump to conclusions about that sausage not being “clean”, guess again.  I made it myself over Christmas, it’s pork-venison.

Because I wake up so early, I usually eat a protein snack first, before I leave for work and then I eat my full breakfast between 8 and 9 am.   I ate turkey breast this morning when I went down to feed Missy and Chanel, and then ate this when I got to work.



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