Things I like Thursday: Getting organized

Had a highly productive but restful weekend last week.  With a little extra time, I probably could have tackled my “LUNA/luggage room”.  Yes, we have a spare room that has nothing but our tons of luggage and all of my LUNA stuff.  I’m actually going to have a workday/happy hour to tackle that in a few weeks.

Finished my spice squares.  I love Savory Spice shop and the fact you can buy little “try me” bags of things before you commit to one of the jars.  They recommended not storing them together, but on a cork board, so that the oils don’t transfer to other bags.

spice square

Got my office area cleaned up.  It was a disaster post-baby shower and post-sorority event.  My office is part running (left side) and part sorority stuff (right side).  I also have photo albums and some mementos  like medals, my first marathon’s cheering sign, a card from AK for my first marathon, sorority awards, my new paddle, etc.

Most importantly I moved my laptop upstairs.  I have a bad habit of keeping it in the downstairs living room and staying on it while we watch tv in the evenings.  office clean

Hope to get more organization done tonight.  Dan is in Canada, my parents are coming at some point tomorrow.  Thank goodness this is one of my cleaning lady’s weeks and my house isn’t dirty!  (and Dan isn’t there to make it that way)


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