Sometimes you need:

  • To not change your voicemail that says you are out of the office, even when you have a change of plans and end up there.  I worked on Monday since I wasn’t in Orlando.  I didn’t change my voicemail or tell anyone I was there.  Unless you saw me, you didn’t know I was around.  Most productive day ever.
  • To give.  I gave blood for the first time ever today.  I hate needles, but heck, really, after all the stupid tests and blood draws I’ve had in the last few years, what difference is it really?  It was fine and I was happy I finally did it.
  • To take a half a day off in the middle of the week for no reason.  I had a Groupon that needed to be spent and only could get a 2 pm appt, so I took off the rest of the day.  SO nice.
  • To pamper.  I never get my nails done.  I will admit, I kind of like them, hopefully this gel is awesome and lasts a long time.  Anything would be better than the 30 minutes my last one lasted.
  • To get back to old traditions.  I need to study script and songs for a sorority ceremony Saturday night.  Damn I am old, I only remember the 1 regular song and that’s IT!
  • To expand.  I miss running.  Yoga and walking are not running.  However, I am enjoying using new muscles.
  •  To improve.  I want to get better at Yoga.  I said I would months ago and it kind of got lost in the shuffle.  In the last 11 days, I have taken more Yoga than I had in my whole life.  Still trying to find what I like best, but right now, it’s more about what’s convenient.

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