Long way from last year

This time last year I was running a PR in Houston, only to break that PR at the end of the month at 3M (which is my standing half PR).  I had a great time in Houston with June.  I didn’t feel well the morning of the race, but I did fine in the race.  3M was great, I couldn’t believe what a great day I had and it was another fun time with friends.

9 months ago I was blogging about running Disney this weekend here.  Bought my costume, made my travel arrangements, only to have to cancel it all 😦  I even had a hair appt to die my hair dark for the next month to go with my costume!  I’d made plans with friends and family that lived in Orlando and was really looking forward to time with my gal friends who were traveling from Austin.

Instead I won’t be running Disney, or Houston, or 3M, all of which are this weekend.  The best I can hope for is a walk or some yoga.  I can’t even bring myself to go to volunteer at 3M, which is my favorite race.  I’m just too upset about it.

Wonder if people will look at me strange if I go walk in my Snow White costume (meant for Disney) on Saturday morning?  Or maybe yoga?  I think I could scar some people for life with that.

I am going to keep my scheduled time off, since I had to beg for it.  I am going to relax and try to focus more on me and less on work and worrying about everything.

Still waiting on the latest round of tests and becoming impatient.  It was supposed to take 7-10 days and it’s been longer than that 😦  Maybe tomorrow I will hear more.


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