Ways to heal

I think we can all say we have some sort of healing to do.  These days, I am in need of more healing than I imagined.  Granted, I could be MUCH worse off, so I am trying to limit my whining and not throwing a pity party (ok maybe a small one).

You know what sucks?  That I thought I was treating my body well, eating good things, working out, staying fit.   Enjoying my life and relieving stress.  Instead I was causing more stress on my body.  It’s a hard pill to swallow.  I thought I was doing everything right.  I have friends who eat garbage and are fine.  I have friends that barely eat and they are fine.  I have friends that run super high miles and they are fine.  I have sedentary friends, they are fine.    I don’t understand what I did to cause some of the issues I have, and it’s making me sad. Externally, I’ve not had injuries, but what you can’t see, can still hurt you.

Waiting to get tests back to determine my next course of action.  But I know most of my hormones are trashed.  I hope to heal those and to wean off most of the medications except the thyroid, that’s likely long term.  The tests will tell me just how long my workout hiatus will be.  Could be a few weeks, could be months, could be longer.

I’m trying to put a positive and fun spin on my new adventures.  Walking and yoga.  I bought myself several new yoga outfits on Saturday.  I need more workout clothes like I need a hole in my head, but I prefer to run in shorts and well, no one wants to see me do yoga in shorts.  Retail therapy helps, a little.

Running is a no.  All cardio is a no.  No until further notice.   I’m willing to do whatever it takes though, to be 100% healthy again.  I don’t remember what that feels like I am VERY eager to experience it again!


2 thoughts on “Ways to heal

  1. suez1123 says:

    I am so sorry that you are going through this! It doesn’t seem fair after you have been living such a healthy lifestyle! You have a great attitude though…embrace the walking and yoga 🙂

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