Things I like Thursday: homemade sausage

Ok, my family has been making venison sausage since the beginning of time.  I hadn’t played along in a while, since I don’t live at home.  Ok, a while has been since high school, which was a LONG time ago.

I jumped back into the tradition over Christmas, but with a twist.  I made the traditional with my parents plus hot breakfast, breakfast, sweet Italian and hot Italian.  I had bought a variety pack from Bass Pro called Backwoods by LEM.  I liked the seasoning blends and their flavor (and the fact they are gluten free), but the breakfast blends had MSG, which I try to avoid.  Next time i’ll be hitting up Savory Spice shop and buying my own quality spices and making my own spice blends.

We cheated and used the grinder to help stuff the casings.  My mom likes to hand crank, but that takes quite a bit of time.  We only made links from the traditional sausage, we formed patties and Vac-sealed all of the flavored stuff.


Traditional sausage:

  • 1 part venison
  • 1 part pork (my family uses pork butt)
  • salt
  • coarse pepper
  • garlic powder
  • optional:  any other seasonings.  I added cayenne to my regular sausage.

Grind together and either form into patties or stuff into casings.  Venison is too lean and dry to do on it’s own, but I suppose you could.  Venison is also kind of “gamey”, the pork also helps tame that.

I packaged my finished product with 1 lb of meat per package or 1 link, depending on the type.  

*Tip on the spices.  Mix everything up and then cook a small patty to make sure the seasonings are to your liking.  Do this BEFORE you crank out the whole batch into links and patties.


WW:  5 P+ per cooked quarter pound.  Will vary based on what fat content your pork has.


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