Things I like Thursday: the library card

About 6 months ago Dan and I went to the library and got library cards.  He just wanted one, so he could then get one in the city where he works, so eventually he could take his school tests with their proctor.

I wanted one because I wanted to start reading again.  Other than the book I read in Hawaii in April, I don’t think I’d read a book for YEARS.  I think the last time I actively read was when Dan was living out of state and I was reading in airports and on planes.

Granted, I still haven’t gotten back into the habit like I used to, but I am working on it.  Not only is it a good habit to have, but I also need to work on stress relief for my medical and work issues, which don’t help things.  I don’t have a ton of spare time, but when I do, I want to fill it more with productivity and less with crap tv.

So every other Sunday, I go get a new book from the library.  Our library has long hours and is open 7 days a week!  How awesome is that?  It may be small, but it has a large new release and best sellers section, which is where I’ve been migrating to.  It’s been a bit hit or miss with the books I’ve picked out.

Eat and Run-Scott Jurek.  I wasn’t sure i’d like a book about running, i’ve never really read running books or cared to.  LOVED this book.  I am sad I missed him when he was in town earlier this month.

In 50 years we’ll all be Chicks-Adam Carolla.  Loved this.  This was even before I followed his podcasts regularly. I seriously laughed out loud reading this.  St. Nick brought Dan the newest installment from Carolla, Not Taco Bell Material, which I will read when he’s done.  I ALMOST read it before St. Nick wrapped it up.

The Bridge-Karen Kingsbury.  Ok.  Kind of slow, but it wasn’t bad.

Seating Arrangements-Maggie Shipstead.  Liked this one, it was a decent read.

Most Talkative -Andy Cohen.  What I read, I liked.  I got busy and didn’t finish it.  When I went to recheck the book, someone else had it reserved and I haven’t seen it at the library since.

Currently reading: A Gift of Hope-Danielle Steel.  This is a new one I started yesterday.  It’s non-fiction about helping the homeless.

So i’ve set the goal of finishing at least 1 book every 2 weeks.  This is NOTHING compared to the rate at which I used to read.  But I figure I should at least finish each book before it has to be renewed.  I hope in 2013 to continue my quest for reading more 🙂


One thought on “Things I like Thursday: the library card

  1. Writing is a craft. It is learnt in the way that cabinet making is learnt, or a musical instrument is learnt, which is to say by practice and the often effortful acquisition of technique. Richard Sennett, in his brilliant book on the idea of craft, estimates that it takes 10,000 hours to learn to play the violin well or to make an admirable cabinet. It takes even longer to become a writer, because before you become a writer you must first become a reader. Every hour spent reading is an hour spent learning to write; this continues to be true throughout a writer’s career. Reading bad writers can be as useful as reading good ones. To continue the cabinet-making analogy, reading good writers shows you how to achieve the verbal equivalent of the tongue-and-groove joint, the well-bevelled edge, the countersunk screw, the mahogany inlay or the beeswax polish. Reading bad writers, you see how the chisel can leap and gouge the wood, how joints can be left unflush and how hinges can creak.

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