Change of pace

Sometimes you get something you need exactly when you need it.  For me, it was a change of pace.  A change of scenery.  A change in people.

Reasons to smile in the last week:

-Took my pregnant BFF to finish her Christmas shopping on Friday.  It made my week to see her.  Plus we completed her gift list and spent good quality time together.

-I got to feel baby Evan move 🙂  This auntie cannot wait for the little guy to get here.  I am hoping he comes for my birthday 🙂

-I had off on Friday.  I worked only about 30 minutes, and that’s because people wouldn’t quit texting me.  I didn’t use the work iphone but once to look at a few emails. Working 0 would have been ideal, but some of my coworkers apparently didn’t get the memo to not bother me.

-I went hunting with my dad on Saturday.  Afterwards got to hang out with some of his old fire department friends at the bunkhouse, which was nice.  Met a couple of new people too, younger guys from the department that hunt around there.

-Made sausage with mom, dad, and a family friend on Sunday morning.  Making sausage is something we’ve always done at least annually in our family since the beginning of time (hello, we are small town Texas!).  I haven’t participated since high school, because I’ve not been around.  This was my dad’s 2nd time this year and we had a great time.

-I went to church twice in 2 days.  Once on Sunday, once on Christmas eve.  Lots of time to think and things to think about.

-Dad and I went to feed our neighbor’s cows on Saturday and got to see a brand new baby calf.  We searched for another cow that was expecting for 2 hours and never found her that day.  Apparently she was having the baby somewhere, so there are 2 new baby cows!

-I ran Sunday-Tuesday at home.  Not terribly exciting but it was different.  Nice to run asphalt and not worry about traffic.  I just wish my muscles weren’t bothering me.

-I photographed some of my old family photos with my new phone.  Looking at the old stuff really made me smile.

-Good family time.  Wish my sister had been around, but she is off in NM with her BF.  It was nice to just enjoy each other’s company and the time off.

I’m back home now.  Perfect drive home, no traffic and no dumb drivers!  When I got out of the car, the temperature had dropped 30 degrees.  Finally got cold weather for Christmas, even if it did come at the end of the day!

Merry Christmas all!


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