Race Report: Shiner Beer Run

I will first say, had I been not letting work rule my life, this race would have been a lot easier.

We left for Shiner on Saturday afternoon.  Headed straight to packet pick-up at the Brewery.Image

Then to the hotel, got settled in and ready for dinner.  Back to Shiner to eat at Werners.  It may be a good restaurant, but it wasn’t on Saturday night.  We have 2 overcooked steaks, burnt appetizers, and dry chicken.  Plus they were out of sweet potatoes and ranch dressing (which made half our table very sad).  We still had a great time, even if the food wasn’t great.

After dinner, we headed to Buccee’s to get beer and dessert.  Since i’m a old lady, I went back to the room to finish my book and try to wind down.  Unfortunately I did not wind down. Then around midnight I couldn’t stop scratching!  Either I had an allergic reaction to something in the bed or something was biting me.  I had to take Nyquil to knock myself out to get sleep, which I hate to do.

Race Day

I actually slept later than I usually do.  Got dressed and headed to the lobby for breakfast, then loaded up in the car and headed to Shiner.

The start was crowded.  Narrow street with 500 5K people and 1000 half marathoners.  We barely made it through the massive portapotty lines before the start!  The first mile was pretty congested.  I tried not to waste too much energy bobbing and weaving.

The course was ok, I didn’t mind it, but it wasn’t terribly scenic.  Beginning and end were at the brewery, miles surrounding those were residential.  The bulk of the race was really rural, including a mile of unpaved road with big rocks (so not used to that!).  It was definitely not flat.

It was pretty warm and very humid.  Luckily the sun went away, or we’d probably fared much worse.  Everyone finished in once piece 🙂  Jenn completed her first half, YAY!Image

Dan didn’t get there in time for my finish 😦  How many halves have I run?  He’s never seen me finish a half.  The ones he did attend, he didn’t make in time.  HUMPF.  I even finished exactly at 10:20 am like I said I would.

My time was ok.  I knew it wouldn’t be a PR, it was too warm and I’m not trained up for it.  I am happy with what it was for the conditions and having run last weekend too.  A little bitter I didn’t win an age group beer stein, just because they were so cool!

I didn’t indulge in the beer and bbq at the end, none of it was very gluten free friendly.  Instead, we ate at Black’s BBQ in Lockhart.  It wasn’t free, but it was good and I had more options.  Plus the last thing I wanted right after running was bbq.  3 hours later, it sounded more appealing 🙂

Good weekend, although it seemed really short.  It was my first time to do an out of town race with a group and we had so much fun!  I think Dan even had fun with people he didn’t know 🙂  I can’t wait for the next one!


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