St. Nick came to our house on Wednesday night.  Not sure why I got anything, I haven’t been very good and I was in a bad mood from work when I opened my gifts (mostly because they were reminders of things I can’t currently do right now because of my stupid medical issues).
We headed downtown after gifts for dinner and a concert.  We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom, because I know Dan loves it.  I tried their gluten free pizza.  Not.a.fan.  The crust was like cardboard.  A $20 piece of cardboard and the toppings were tasteless.  😦  I’d eaten there before I was gluten free and liked  it.  Next time I go there, I am skipping pizza.  At least Dan enjoyed his.

Then it was off to Hole in the Wall on the “drag” which is a main street (Guadalupe) that runs through the UT campus.  We were there to see Mike Cooley play solo.  I LOVE him, he’s my favorite member of the Drive By Truckers.cooley1

What I didn’t love was that I was exhausted.  I literally fell asleep standing up a few times in the bar.  I enjoyed the show, but I was just beat.  I’m happy I went, because it was good, but it would have been more fun had I been able to be more alert.  It’s a good thing the show wasn’t any later, or I would have likely been found propped up against a wall somewhere! cooley3

Speaking of Mike Cooley, he has a new solo album coming out.  Buy it here

Photo stolen from my friend Tricia, because her phone takes better pics 😉


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