Wedding Recap

Exhausting weekend in San Diego, but we got Dan’s sister married and we EVENTUALLY made it home!

The ceremony was nice on the country club lawn.  It was overcast, but still a nice day!  After cocktail hour and photobooth fun, the party moved inside for dinner, dancing, and debauchery! 

Dinner was good.  3 options, I had the beef tenderloin (it was also the only GF option).  I ate all of mine and then the veggies off of Dan’s plate too.  There was a chicken and a veggie option too.  I think our whole table had ordered beef except his mother.

Not a dry eye in the room when Dan’s sister danced with their dad!

I guess I did get Dan to dance with his mom.  They only played 3 slow songs for the father-daughter, mother-son, and bride-groom dances.  So Dan opted for a line dance (he would kill me if he saw this photo posted).  Yes, we are from Texas, and no, we don’t line dance.

I danced with mom too.  I am not a dancer.  Nor can I believe song of choice was Sir Mix a Lot, haha!  She danced the whole entire night, so much that she didn’t even finish her plate of cake!

Dan’s parent’s surprise to his sister, getting her a purple candy buffet.   For sure the fanciest candy buffet I’ve ever seen!  For the record, I don’t think he’s actually part of their family, because his mom, dad, and sister LOVE sweets, like seriously.  Dan could take or leave candy or cake.  That night, he taste tested for quality control 😉

Dan’s parents throw a pretty swanky shindig!

Exhausting but a great time.  By time we left the country club it was super late and I was hungry again.  Nothing a run through Carl’s Jr. drive through couldn’t fix 😉  A long but great day!


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