Product review: Paleo Bread

Paleo Bread.  I’ve seen this product on Facebook through Julian Bakery for months now.  I was curious, but no way was I going to pay their shipping fees which are really steep (due to the product being shipped fast and frozen).

What is it?

It’s gluten-free, paleo (in some definitions) bread.  It comes either made with almond flour or coconut flour.

I stumbled across it at Natural Grocer last week in Cedar Park.  $10 a loaf, 16 tiny slices a loaf.  Don’t ask me why, but I bought 1 loaf of almond and 1 loaf of coconut.


Almond is 3 Weight Watchers P+ a slice.  The coconut is 1 WW P+ a slice.


The texture is dense and it’s chewy.  The almond more than the coconut.  Reminded me of a saturated brown sponge.


To me the almond was tasteless, dense, and almost in-edible.  I seriously had to choke it down.

The coconut was better, but not much.  At least I could swallow a bite without coughing/choking on it.

I tried them both toasted, untoasted, grilled.  Made a breakfast sandwich, grilled cheese, and a turkey avocado sandwich.


Unimpressed.  I threw the almond away.  It was that bad.  More than half a loaf went into the trash.

I kept the coconut to keep working with it, because i’d spent $20 total on bread that was supposed to be fabulous.  I read some people were toasting it and breading things with it, but to be honest, I don’t care THAT much about breading anything to spend $10 on a loaf of weird bread, just to toast and grind it!

I won’t be buying either flavor again.  It’s pricey and it just plain doesn’t taste good or work well for much of anything.  I was skeptical, but this confirmed my suspicion.

That’s just my honest opinion 😉


6 thoughts on “Product review: Paleo Bread

  1. LaVonne says:

    Good to know! If I were Paleo, I would not crave bread that much to make it worth it! Plus, by trying to make it edible you’re just adding more calories to it!

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