Things I like Thursday: Relay randomness

I’ve been MIA, but that is going to change!  I am going to get back to my bloggin time 🙂  I may have been gone, but accomplishing much in the time I was away!  Really the only thing I can remember is some of my Cap2Coast random stories.

  • I stepped in dog-shit watching Megan come in on her first leg.  I didn’t know this.  15 minutes later, she’s toweling off and I think SHE is the one that smells like crap!  When I realized it wasn’t her, we all died laughing!
  • One of my team-mates, who I had never met before, literally beat the shit off of my shoe.  I cannot believe a stranger touched my dirty shoe and cleaned it for me.  Nice guy.  Think we’ll keep him!
  • I was able to meet and beat my expected leg times for all three legs.
  • I got 5 “road-kills” on my first leg.  Even had my first one curse at me!  The girl was not pleased to say the least.
  • I ran the 2nd leg in a sports bra.  Shocking, I know.  But I was wearing a night vest over it.  You will only see me running without a shirt in the dark and halfway covered in neon reflective mesh.
  • First leg was too fast and I tried to slow myself down, but the adrenaline got me.  With the sun, wind, and hills, I should have backed off.  I am pretty sure this set up the later hammy issues.
  • I overcame some super tight hammy issues on my 2nd and 3rd legs.  Once I got going, it got WAY better.  I am really pleased I beat my expected times, because when I started the 3rd leg, a replacement was getting ready just in case.  (that’s how awful I looked when I took off)
  • I got chased by 3 dogs in the last half mile of my last leg.  One of them wouldn’t back down and was snarling and snapping at me like crazy.  There was lots of screaming, threatening, and then running like hell!  I’ve been chased before, but never like this.  On our 3rd leg, three of the six of us got chased, mine probably the worst.
  • I took a whore-bath in the Rickster’s bathroom.  I ate breakfast on Saturday with wet hair and fit right in with the locals.  A little scary.
  • You know that saying, don’t try anything new before or during a race?  Drinking a soda, even a diet one, after leg 2, BAD idea.  I thought diet 7-UP would make me feel better.  Not so much.  It worked for my pregnant BFF, thought it would work for me too.
  • I was the most aromatic one in the van.  First the dog poo, then the sunscreen, then the bug spray, then sweat x3.
  • I may have not smelled pretty, but at least I didn’t have any mosquito bites!
  • I’m recovering now.  To be honest, I think relay recovery is more serious that marathon recovery.  Essentially it’s running several races in a short amount of time.  I’ve run once this week, going to do another one tonight.
  • First recovery run was insanity.  LUNA run on Tuesday…the three girls who led the run were the same three that had just done the relay!  We were a sight, but the runners got to hear some awesome stories from the road!
  • 1st place open-mixed champs for Cap2Coast relay!  2 times baby!
  • 2nd place overall champs at Cap2Coast relay, also 2 times!

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