Race Review: Austin Marathon Relay

It’s been a week since I’ve blogged, but it’s been a SUPER hectic week.  More birthday stuff for Stacey, race, Girl Scouts, run, Dan came home from Germany, huge changes at work, etc.  Heck of a week.

I ran Austin Marathon Relay for the 4th time on Sunday.  For the first time ever, I ran a 10 K leg.  I’ve always run a 5K because I am usually deep into San Antonio marathon training around this time of year.  Since I’m not training for anything and we had a few minor injuries, I took a 10K leg.  (the legs are 12K, two 10K, two 5K).

One of our teams had a no-show.  So we shuffled running order, so I would run one of the 10K legs for TWO teams.  I was nervous about this.  I don’t run 10Ks.  I don’t like the distance and can’t get the pace down.  Before Sunday, i’d only run two in my life and they were part of a race series in 2008.  I knew our other team was just happy to have a complete team, but I knew my regular team is competitive.

A major accident had happened on the course overnight, so the race started about an hour late.  The race had already pushed the start time back to 8 instead of the usual 7:30.  So by time we started, it was getting warm.  The later legs you ran, the hotter it got.  Granted, it wasn’t in the 100s like it was last year, but it was pretty warm.

Not my smartest run race, no strategy at all.  I ran a little faster than i’d planned, especially for the heat.  I ran a huge PR, but then again, that probably wasn’t hard, since it was only my 3rd 10K ever. (my mom is so fired from taking race photos!)Our teams took 4th, 6th, and 12th in open women out of over 60 teams in the division.   I was on the 4th and 6th place teams.  We had a lot of relay first timers, including my sister, who was on the 12th place team and ran her first 10k ever.

Most everyone from our 3 teams.  So proud of everyone!


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