Feels so good

feeling good again!

I used to start every blog post out as a song title.  Not sure when I stopped doing that, but I’d likely run out of song ideas by now, although I still do it occasionally. (if you didn’t know, that’s a Robert Earl Keen song).

It’s been a week on the new dosage of meds and so far I feel great!  I am a little cautious/worried about heart rate but so far it’s been ok (they told me if they jumped me too much too fast on thyroid, I could have issues with that).

So far parts of me are working better.  Some of the parts still aren’t working at all.  It’s still early on this dose and combo of medications.  More bloodwork in 10 weeks.  Just hoping this progress isn’t covering up other issues.

Finally starting to feel more like my old self, 3 years later.

My balance at the gym is improving, as is my strength.  My speed running is getting back to what it used to be (at least on short distances).  My biggest issues are recovering from workouts, sleep, and the moodiness.  That and the fact that insurance isn’t covering any of my medications.

I haven’t been this happy or optimistic in a long time. I can finally see progress and it’s made a world of difference!


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