Vacation over

Back to reality.  Actually, I was back to reality at midnight on Friday night after being in a car for 14 hours.  Remind me, I don’t like being in a car for 14 hours.

It all started with Zilker Relays on Aug 31.  Course PR for myself. And for once, I started close enough to the front of the pack and didn’t wear myself out bobbing and weaving through crowds.  102 degrees and HOT!

Saturday-San Antonio to Mobile area

Sunday-short run in Mobile area, drive to Foley to go to Lambert’s (everyone’s favorite part of trip), then down to the Florabama, and then eventually to Destin.  We had so much food leftover from lunch, we didn’t have to go out for dinner.

Monday-run.  Watched the fishing boats come in after lunch to decide who we wanted to charter with.  A little shopping and a trip to TCBY for the family.    Our hotel also had ice cream every day at 3.  Nothing I could eat, I had chocolate instead 🙂

Tuesday-gym (lots of serious builders which was interesting). rain.  Sailing cancelled.  Mini golf instead with dinner at the Boathouse.  This was a new place for me.  Total dive, but food was good.  Sister said her crabcakes there were her favorite meal of the trip.  Great views!

Wednesday-cloudy and windy beach time, then rain.  Sailing cancelled again.  Shopped WAY too much instead.  My wallet hurts.  I bought Dan a ton of stuff.  I got a new purse (which is still in the bag, I am not really a Coach girl, not sure I will keep it).  I ran 5 miles to dinner at Kenny D’s, told my parents to meet me there with a dry shirt, lol!  The food was great as usual (another place I found on Yelp last time with Dan)

Thursday-Deep sea fishing with dad during day.  The boat was AWFUL for the first hour (it was super rough) and then it poured, thank God for Dramamine.  Luckily the sun came out and the sea calmed down.  We caught a ton of white and mingo snapper (those aren’t all ours).  I felt like I ran a marathon, my legs were so tired from all of the rough sea and bouncing and my arms were tired from the heavy rod, weights, and fish!

Followed my tradition I usually have with Dan.  Last night’s dinner at the Crab Trap.  Yes, I am wearing a jumper.  Don’t eat or drink anything if you wear a jumper.  How the heck do these girls I see out wear them?  It’s a major undertaking to get that thing off and on.  Ate my weight in tuna steak.

Friday-Drive FOREVER.  Ate at Prejean’s Cajun in La (Dan and I found it a few years back),  SO good.  I got home at midnight.

Saturday-sleep.  laundry.  sleep.  Took mom to see Austin Roller Derby.  We both had a blast.  Late dinner at Zoe’s.  (mom is addicted now).  I was so beat from all of the driving on Friday and the harsh boat ride on Thursday.

Sunday-Brain Power 5K.  Big thanks to Heather and all of my friends who signed up to participate or donated.  I won my age group, 4th overall woman.  2 of the girls who beat me were less than half my age!  It was tear tag timing, which meant I should have started closer to the front, I never learn, haha!

Sunday night I made stew from Paleo Comfort Foods but added mushrooms, zucchini, and cauliflower.  It’s good, but I should have made the portions bigger, it’s not filling enough with how I packaged it for my lunches.  Dan hates stew.  More for me, lol!

Dan came home with the new jeep last night from Arizona.  I lost my garage parking spot.  Dan’s spots=2.  Melissa’s spots=0.  HUMPF!


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