Fudged Friday

I can’t catch a break with shipping companies!  UPS lost the tent I needed for Zilker Relays tonight.  I wanted my girls to have shade in the 102 heat before and after the run!

The Dr’s office gave FedEx my address instead of Dan’s work address.  So my medicine had to be returned to the pharmacy in Utah.  Having to have it resent to the Dr’s office and I will pick it up 9/11.  Good thing I have still have some to last me until then.  I was trying to have them hold it at the warehouse and have Dan pick it up there, but it wouldn’t be protected from the heat 😦

I was supposed to be off today.  Not the case.  Had to come in after my pedicure.  This was after I got 5 texts from 1 person asking me questions that someone else in the office could have easily answered.  It was 1:30 before I could even think about the project I needed to work on, even though I was supposed to be on “do-not disturb.”

I am rolling almost a whole week of vacation time to sick leave tomorrow.  This makes me sad 😦  I should have started using my random days sooner! (there is a limit on how much you can bank based on how many years you have).  And you can’t use vacation time if you have holiday or comp time (which I have).  I couldn’t really take my long vacation before now, so I should have used it day by day much sooner.

Tomorrow is a new fiscal year at work.  I am so glad I am gone for the first week of it.

Tonight is Zilker Relays.  I am so nervous I could barf.  It’s short.  It’s REALLY hot.  Supposed to be 102.  I am pushing to run first so I can be done first!  I haven’t raced since like March, so I think that’s part of my nervousness.  It’s way too hot to be fast, but I don’t want to be a snail!  Will try to find a happy and safe medium.

After the race it’s off to San Antonio, then Mobile tomorrow, then Destin on Sunday.

Let the fun begin.  Hope all of the rain will be gone from Issac, because I NEED A BREAK!


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