The medical update

Had another follow-up Tuesday with the Dr. about the medications i’ve been on, my labs I had done 2 weeks ago, and progress made.

I’ve been feeling better for the most part, some areas better than others.  Some areas just haven’t changed at all.

Test results show progress, but not enough, I am still far from where I need to be.  So all medications are being increased in strength.  The thyroid though, they said they can’t increase too fast, because there is a chance of heart palpitations and other issues I don’t want to experience.  So we are moving that up, with the long term goal of making it to at least double of what I am on now (right now half a grain, moving up to 3/4 grain this time around).

The nurse thinks that after this next round of trying on the increased dosage, that I should be much closer to being optimal on everything but maybe thyroid, that may take more tinkering.  More labs in 10 weeks, another appointment in November.  Hopefully with everything else being more optimal, my cholesterol will come down (it’s even higher now!)

I still owe another Dr. an annual thyroid ultrasound which I have rescheduled twice already.  Maybe i’ll get that taken care of in the next few weeks.

So slowly but surely, at least some areas are getting better.  I’m hopeful that we’ll just keep moving down this path and see where it takes us!

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