SEC Picnic 2012

My only experience “tailgaiting” in the SEC has been through Austin’s Annual SEC picnic.  That may change later this year, when we’ll hopefully see a game at Texas A&M.  SEC games and pre-game are NOTHING like the rest of the world.  Don’t believe me, read Gridiron Belles.  Not the food, the dress, the attitude, NOTHING!

Even though Dan was still on his way back to the US, I had to go show my Auburn pride!  WAR EAGLE!  

They had Rudy’s cater half the food, the other half was brought in by members.  Since there are burn bans in the area, no grilling allowed.  This was SO much easier, still SO good (sort of semi-homemade).  And I LOVE Rudy’s anyhow.  Turkey, brisket, sausage, pulled pork, tons of sides, and desserts.  I was kind of bummed at first, because I really wanted to bring something, but since i’d been downtown since 6 am, that probably wouldn’t have really worked out (I showered after running and read my book until the picnic started).  My stomach was certainly not objecting!

Big thanks to whoever brought the lovely fruit!  There was like 8 different kinds of dessert and the fruit was the only thing that was gluten free.  It was so bright and colorful, it would have been on my plate regardless!

Happy we were next to the Aggies!  I invited my co-worker and her new husband to come out 🙂

Good times!  Although we need more tents for next year!  We had three tents and about 75 people toward the end, and no trees, so I got a little too much sun.  It was a new location this year, so we weren’t exactly sure what to expect on set-up.  Bigger and better for next year!

Football season starts next week, I can’t believe it!  It’ll be a light season on game watching for Dan and I  together with our opposite schedules.  For games 1-4 I think we are on opposite ends of the country and two games he’s not even in the United States!

I am looking forward to stocking up on Auburn stuff next weekend 🙂

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