For the 2nd time in a week, I very narrowly escaped an accident.  I must have an angel.

First one was someone almost t-boning me in Dan’s truck on Monday.  I am not sure why they proceeded through the intersection, or how they stopped.  I am glad they did.  I actually closed my eyes and waited for the impact, that luckily never happened.

Second one was today.  With a city bus.  I am not sure how I escaped this one.  I was inches away from the driver’s side of the bus mowing me over.  I hadn’t even run 1/10th of a mile when it happened.  It was dark, but I was wearing neon (not like that matters).  I approached the intersection (one way street), I looked and the bus was stopped at the bus stop.  (I always look both ways even if it’s one way and even if I have walk sign).    I paused and went on, then when I was more than halfway to the other side when the bus flew around the corner and almost hit me.  No brakes, no nothing.

I can’t get the vision of the bus almost hitting me out of my head.  Closest call i’ve ever had.


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