Is it possible to be super busy but at the same time, it be stress relieving and relaxing?

Me thinks yes.

I’ve been going non-stop since last Saturday and I feel GREAT!

Saturday:  Promoted LUNA Chix at women’s center spa day, then Coworker’s wedding out of town.

Sunday:  Long run with my friends at Hill Country Running.  Stayed up too late driving home from the wedding, but run was decent.  Then going away dinner with our friends Devon and Kristi (moving to DFW), then Olympic Party downtown with Austin Runner’s Club, Jack and Adam’s, and LUNA.  Drive to San Marcos.  Stayed up SUPER late with my good friend Alison catching up.

Monday-Wednesday:  training class, runs after training, dinner with Alison Monday night.

Wednesday:  Travel to Houston, ran with Bayou Country Road Runners, played in a fountain (not recommended if you have errands to run).  Set a record for most money ever spent on a salad and weight of salad.  Whatever it was good and healthy.

Thursday:  Early AM to the Houston office.  Out on a boat all day doing sampling in Galveston.  Fun but it made for a very long day and a very late lunch (thank goodness for snacks).  Some Zoe’s kitchen, Barnes and Noble, and then a very hot run with a group from Luke’s Locker.  Wish I wouldn’t have gotten dinner at the hotel, my crab and shrimp salad was really lacking 😦  I regret not getting something in the Luke’s Locker area before heading back to the hotel.

Friday:  Wow, is it Friday?  I got to sleep in today.  They don’t want me at the conference until noon to work our booth.  So instead I am working in my hotel room, in bed, drinking coffee, plotting my plan for hitting some tax-free weekend shopping before work today.  First stop is Athleta.  Only one in Texas and it’s in Houston.  Pro deal+tax free, heck yes!

*Hardest part is trying not to spend my vacation money on tax free clothes and shoes!


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