Mapping the route

I feel like I need a map to see where I have been in the last week and where i’m going in the next few weeks.

Since last Thursday I have:  made a run up to Belton with Dan for a date night for an awesome concert and BBQ.  We’d never gone to Belton before to Schopef’s for their concerts.  Funny thing was, it ended up being faster than going to downtown Austin for us.  I met Dan near his office and going North on 35 was a breeze!  We were actually early, and got to kill time at an awesome truckstop (yes, there is such a thing).  We got locally made food goodies like pickles and jams and some fabulous silly salt and pepper shakers for my office at work.

For some reason Thursday evening I got to a point where I couldn’t stand any more 😦  Woke up Friday morning with a tinge of pain in my right leg below my leg, which i’d never experienced before.  DOR to be safe.  I had run out of glutamine the week before, started it back up on Friday, maybe a small part of my leg issues.

Saturday morning the tinge was still there.  I was supposed to tackle a challenging 1 way route with AK for part of her marathon training (I was not doing all 18 miles with her).  Instead I hit the gym and did my usual Sunday workout on Saturday.  Not a fan of the Saturday morning crowd, but I had a great workout.

Sunday I decided to try to run.  Ran long with Hill Country Running and a group of fabulous people.  My distance was another route took me away from them and I was solo most of the run, but it was nice.  My leg felt fine and I clocked 8 miles.  I’d set out for 7, but then a cyclist on Parmer shouted “good morning jogger!” as an attempt to be friendly as I was tackling the last portion and the long hill.  Nothing pisses me off more than being called a jogger, so I ran an extra mile.  HUMPF!  So there 😉

Then groceries, made Dan a ton of waffles for his breakfasts, watched Olympics, did weekday prep, wrote my LUNA report, and did some LUNA run planning and other stuff.  Mid-day Dan took me to the gun range where I proved that:  my hands sweat too much, I am getting better, and that I am never wearing a tank top out there again (I didn’t want a farmer’s tan).  I have a nice 9mm shell burn on my right collarbone.  That’s going to look really nice at Saturday’s wedding we are attending.

Later that evening I went back to Hill Country Running to watch the Olympics at their watch party.  It was a small turnout, but nice to hang out with others to watch.  Dan tagged along, which surprised me, but I think he hated it.  They had wings and beer, so we had to go next door to grab something for me to eat.

Things I’ve learned from the Olympics:

  1. If you are awesome, people immediately assume you had help from drugs, even if it’s not true.
  2. I miss volleyball.  Badly.  I haven’t played since a work league about 5 years ago and I am scared to see how bad I probably suck now.
  3. I still want to learn how to swim.  I can stay afloat, but I do not really swim properly or in a organized manner.
  4. I finally did track workout last night with No Excuses group.  I loved it.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching track for a week.  I thought I’d hate it and want to die, I was presently surprised, although, I think I could have tried harder.  Didn’t want to overdo it in the heat on my first time out.  My times were better than I expected, so I am pleased.
  5. I am going to miss the Olympics when they are over, even though I haven’t watched near as much as I’d like.

Hope to catch more Olympics this week, but it’s a hectic one.  LUNA tonight, a handful of things after work every night this week, volunteering at a SPA day at local hospital for LUNA, wedding out of town that evening.  Then Sunday an olympic watch party in downtown Austin at 8 pm.  Then out of town for a whole week for work until 11 pm the following Sunday.  WHEW!


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