Things I like Thursday: The small stuff

Small stuff i’ve been smiling about lately:

  • I made the decision ahead of time to not attend an event I knew would likely end up making me unhappy.  It was the right decision.
  • I got to see my BFF on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Even though my hammy was bothering me Saturday and I chose not to run to be safe, I was able to do a cautious run on Sunday at the other side of Tobin Park in SA.  In the last 2 weeks, i’ve run both sides to explore and scout places for my mom to do her long runs.
  • I slept like a rock on Sunday night, that never happens anymore.  Probably due to a really long day and sitting in the sun most of the day.
  • I was off on Monday.  Dan called in.  It was nice, he NEVER calls in.  It was great, we got tons done and spent good quality time together.
  • We got library cards.  I’ve never had one as an adult.
  • Dan told me I have to finish the 2 books at home that I have, before I get the books I want from the library.  Good motivation I guess.
  • We went to the gun range Monday afternoon.  Watch out on your left side if you try to attack me. (I need to fix that aim).
  • I got a new propane tank, but it’s been WAY too hot to grill, our porch is full sun in the PM.  It’s been over 100 degrees every evening this week.
  • the LUNA run on Tuesday was great, despite 102 degrees and a snake (harmless).  Olympic scavenger hunt was well received.
  • Flying Wild Alaska is over 😦  Dan and I have faithfully watched for the last 3 years.  I will miss that show.
  • Dan and I are making the run to Belton tonight for BBQ, Thieving Birds and the Dirty River Boys.  🙂
  • Tomorrow is Friday, this makes me VERY happy.  I don’t have much planned, and I like it that way.  This weekend is my last un-planned weekend until November!  This isn’t to mean that I won’t end up doing stuff, but other than 2 Olympic watch events, I don’t have anything on the calendar yet.

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