Way out Wednesday

I am pretty sure I went to another planet on Wednesday afternoon.  Or through the Twilight Zone.

I’d ordered something from Fry’s for Dan.  They have decent prices on computer, tv, and electronic stuff.  If you’ve never been, it’s like a 1960’s version of Best Buy.  Too many people working in a warehouse like store, all wearing horrible clothes.  The kind of people who never leave their house and only play Dungeons and Dragons on their computer.  I only go there about once a year because it’s weird and I’d honestly rather go anywhere else.  Plus their creepy knockoff Spongebob Squarepants logos everywhere scare me.

Even though i’d made my order Tuesday, it wasn’t pulled when I got there.  30 minutes for that, so I wondered around.  The people watching was stellar, I should have taken photos.  I swear there were no fewer than 40 people working at 5 pm, all of them were quite amusing.  Their company picnic must be a sight.

They send you through cattle chute like corrals to get to the 35 checkout lanes, with someone directing traffic (apparently people can’t just go to the blinking light when the next checker is open).  The girl took forever to ring me up and was talking to me in a fake baby voice, which weirded me out.  And then the good part…I had to inspect my merchandise before they would load it.  She didn’t know how to work a box cutter.  Good thing, because I wouldn’t want her near one on a regular basis.  And her clothing/costume/whatever she was wearing was getting in her way of opening the box.  Finally I had to open it myself, because the spiderwebs she was trying to wear as arm-warmers were hindering her progress.  Just looking at her was a total trip, I had to not directly look, because I knew i’d laugh.

She told me to review the item but couldn’t take it out of the box.  I was a total smart-allec and told her, “well it looks ok I guess, being as it’s covered in plastic and styrofoam and still IN a box!”

And then the load out.  I was told to simply pull my car around and they’d load it right now.  20 minutes of standing in the sun later, my package came out with 2 really out of shape nerds and her.  Apparently she also has no skills with packing tape or twine and she couldn’t get my box closed.  It took them 10 minutes to get my item into the car.  It took everything I had not to push them aside and do it myself!

Hoping that this thing doesn’t have to be returned.  If so, then he can do it himself!  (or not, because i’m pretty sure he’d walk away having bought the whole store!)


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