Fix what is broken

I really need to put more Yoga in my life.  Seriously.  I’ve always written it off.  My mom has been doing it for years, but I never really “got” it.

Stress relief, active recovery, improve flexibility, “me” time, strengthening.  I need all of those things.

I’ve been to Wanderlust Yoga through Lululemon twice this month (would have been more, had we not been out of town).  It’s maybe my 6-7th time doing yoga at Lulu so far.

I walked in yesterday with wonky legs from a poorly hydrated Saturday run and semi-fatigued from my weights i’d done earlier that morning.  I walked out loose and happy.

Trying now to figure out how to get more Yoga.  I wish Gold’s had classes during times for people who work! (I am not paying a separate fee to a studio, I already contribute to someone’s membership that hasn’t been used in over a year).   Plus there is my super crowded schedule, but I think 2 times a week would be fabulous.   I do have the P90X version, which I can resort to as needed, but i’d rather not hear his annoying voice calling out poses (likely more stress than good).  Scouring options right now, hopefully Lulu will keep offering on Sundays and I can find a Gold’s location that offers a lunch or PM class!



5 thoughts on “Fix what is broken

    • I am in Leander. I have LUNA runs every Tuesday night, so that’s out. 7 is a bit late for me, means either spending 2 hours in CP before the class or driving all of the way back to the gym. I was looking for early AM, lunch time in Austin, or at 5-6.

      I am going to try getting to Tech Ridge at Lunch one day to see how that works

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