One cat I don’t like

I got the results back from the ALCAT and GI function tests.  Can’t say I am thrilled, but guess it could be worse.

She tells me, wow, you are lucky.


Why do I not feel that way?  Here’s what I was told:

Severe intolerance (avoid):  ginger.  Yes, ginger.  What had I planned on for dinner?  Ginger chicken from Mama Fu’s.  Ugh, change of plan.

Moderate intolerance (wants me to cut out for 6 months):

  1. BEEF.  😦  I don’t eat beef all of the time, but I like burgers and fajitas!
  2. brazil nuts.  Rarely eat these.
  3. cabbage.  Don’t eat often.
  4. COFFEE.  Uh oh, I should have never started drinking coffee back in March.
  5. green peas.  Rarely eat them.
  6. honey.  Believe it or not, I hate the taste of honey.
  7. hops.  Non issue
  8. macadamia nuts.  Rarely eat them although they are so good.
  9. okra.  I don’t eat it often, but I love it roasted or pickled.
  10. rice.  I eat brown rice and I guess it’s not that often, I do sometimes eat rice cakes though.
Eating sushi is going to suck.  I already don’t do soy sauce due to gluten.  Now no ginger or rice.  Maybe I’ll start hitting the fish only 😉

Mild intolerance (I don’t have to cut, which is a good thing!)  I just bought 50% of these at the store yesterday!

  1. avocado (it’s a good thing this is a mild)
  2. basil (same here)
  3. bell peppers (same here)
  4. blueberries (same here)
  5. black and green tea (same here)
  6. buffalo.  I rarely eat it, but I do like it.
  7. celery. eat it often
  8. chickpeas.  Sometimes eat in hummus and salad
  9. crab.  Rarely eat it, but I love it.
  10. egg yolks.  oooh, that sucks.
  11. eggplant.  Don’t eat it often, but I like it.
  12. garlic.  suck
  13. haddock.  rarely eat it.
  14. honeydew.  not a big deal, I like it but wouldn’t miss it.
  15. limes.  not a big deal, I love lemons, limes, not so much.
  16. mussels.  never eat.
  17. nutmeg.  really only use when making stuff with pumpkin.
  18. onion.  i eat alot of onions, may need to cut back.
  19. paprika.  Don’t use often, but it’s a spice I love
  20. peaches.  Suck.  I love peaches
  21. shrimp.  I also love shrimp.
  22. trout.  I don’t eat trout often.
  23. watermelon.  I used to love watermelon, but now I rarely eat it.


So I cut out the ginger.  Then eliminate items on the moderate list for 3-6 months.  Then when time is up, I reintroduce them one by one to see if I have reactions.

What surprised me is that milk, whey, and casein were NOT on the list.  I’ve had reactions to cottage cheese, other cheeses, and some milks, but according to ALCAT, it should be a non-issue.  Not sure I am convinced I will go back to eating it like before.  I will likely continue to eat limited amounts of certain types of cheeses that aren’t reactive to me.

And then the GI function test.  Everything was good except…incredibly high inflammation.  They put me on a new probiotic and extra fish oil to go along with the 3 prescriptions I have and the other 2 supplements.

And then the confirmation of super high anti-gliadin.  There it is, the gluten intolerance marker.  My level was higher than the range on the paper.


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