Headed West

Fail.  Left the camera at home, so there are almost no photos of a great weekend 😦  All crummy cell phone photos.

Headed on down to New Braunfels for dinner and concert at River Road Icehouse.  I was falling asleep at 4:30 pm, so I am not sure how I survived Friday night. Dirty River Boys and Turnpike Troubadours were on the bill.  Got to see a few people I don’t see often enough, including friends from Houston and an old college classmate.

Last person went to bed at 4 am, after backyard partying after the show. Since I was on the couch, I was up until then.  I woke up at 6:30, got coffee, attempted a sad workout on 2.5 hours sleep.  I just can’t sleep past a certain time, so lying around was pointless.

Coffee with my bff who I adore in Gruene the next morning.  LOVE.  Wasn’t long enough.

Our friends from Pennsylvania were in town for the weekend, on their honeymoon.  They made a cross-country drive to Texas and were going to make an extended trip back down the Gulf Coast starting Sunday afternoon.

Then early lunch at hole in the wall Mexican place that I love.  We’d only eaten breakfast there before.  Lunch was a bit greasy, but I liked my food.  Shrimp, chicken, and beef fajitas, with veggies and guacamole.  Not a fan of their guacamole.

Then we headed to the gun range, our friend Erica, visiting from Vegas, wanted to go shoot with Dan.  I slept for 30 minutes on the way out there.  I swear it was 95 degrees already.  I hid under the pavilion, but it was hot as hell under there too.

Then off Luckenbach for the Fest out West.  It was fun, i’d do it again next year.  In years past, they’d had it in West Texas, the region, not the city.  I think it was too far for many people to drive, so this year they had events in Kerrville and Luckenbach, we only did the Luckenbach day.

I hugged the shade.  It was HOT.  It wasn’t miserable, but it was very warm.  I am glad they let you bring in your own water, but I wish I’d brought more.  We missed Dale Watson and anyone before him, but we did catch Reckless Kelly and Robert Earl Keen.  Both bands bring back good memories, especially from college!

And it rained during the encore 🙂  Rejoice!

We eventually headed indoors to the dancehall, it rained slowly for about an hour before we went to dinner, which was pretty much a bust.  There were only 2 places open in Fredericksburg at 9 pm when we headed into town.  We ended up at the Brewing Company.  I guess you shouldn’t expect much when you arrive somewhere 20 minutes before the kitchen closes.  I heard the beer was good, but out of 10 people, I think only 2 thought their food was ok.  I was not one of those 2.

We then headed to the Hilton.  Hahah, not really.  Over to the Stonewall Motel.  Since I was working on 3 hours of sleep total, I went to bed.  Dan and I got the nice room, and apparently the only room that didn’t have issues.  Dig the nautical/blue rose theme?  

The rest of our crew partied on the deck above the office until they were too tired to go any more.

The next morning I read local papers and had coffee at the cafe until everyone else woke up, then headed to a diner for late breakfast before everyone split to go their separate ways.  Good but exhausting weekend!


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