I enjoyed being off today, but not sure how much I am going to like going back to work.  I have alot to do and I am eager to get it done, so that’s not it.  It’s the fact that today feels like Saturday.  So my mind already was thinking about  Sunday type things for tomorrow, lol.  More like a 2nd Monday in reality.

Woke up and chilled for a bit.  Email, coffee, breakfast.  Then I decided to tackle Grand Mesa, which is the part of our neighborhood that has all of the estate homes and giant hills.  While it felt good to run at 7:30, I really should have started that route sooner.  As soon as I approached the biggest and longest hill, the sun beat down on me.  I finished and it was strong overall, but I could have done without the sun.

Then I showered up and went to our neighborhood’s parade.

The new mayor lives on the next street, here’s his sorta-kinda-float.  More like a “a creative way to get my kids and pit to the grotto pool taking the long route with a trailer” type of float.

The parade is really for the kiddos, more of a bike and doggie parade.

Plus the Fire truck from the station in Grand Mesa part of the neighborhood always comes.

Then it was home to wait for Dan to wake up and then off to Rudy’s down south to pick up lunch.  It was the idea everyone had!  I knew it was going to be crowded, but man, it was insane.  There was at least 50 GROUPS of people in front of us.  Good thing Rudy’s is usually really fast with their lines and crowd control.

We eventually got to our destination, to see baby Hayes and his mommy and daddy.  Hayes was born last Wednesday.

We took them lunch and enough extras for a few meals.  I think we got some of everything, we had quite the spread!

Hayes didn’t really like me.  No babies like me.  He cried as soon as I touched him.  I am not maternal at all, unless you are a cat I guess.  I am sure all of our other friends who have held him already didn’t experience it.  Dan didn’t go within 10 feet of the baby, I could tell he was freaked out.

Lunch was great, got to visit with mommy and daddy while Hayes napped.

I stopped at Central Market on the way back North, since I NEVER get to go.  Dan didn’t really seem to be too happy about that, so I did a quick stroll and I bought an apple.  Yes, just an apple.  I wanted to browse, but I could tell he wanted to go.           *Sigh*, maybe next time I am in the area, i’ll be alone and can actually shop.

So home it was.  Dan is playing plumber and trying to fix our leaking toilet (internal leak) for the 2nd time.  I am sitting around trying to figure out what to have for dinner.   Since we have no propane, it won’t be grilled!


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