So my Garmin 405 which i’d had forever (was a gift right before my first marathon) died last month.  I was heartbroken.

I’d won a Soleus at Dallas Whiterock back in December.  I took it out of the box once and didn’t like it.  Didn’t seem very user friendly, and it wasn’t the one that had upload capability.  I am going to probably sell it on Craigslist or use it as a silent auction item for the LUNA Breast Cancer Fund fundraiser in September.  (September 14, mark your calendars!)

Then along came the Motoactiv.  AK has had one since December and loves it.  I ran with mine for 2 weeks.  I hadn’t learned half of what it could do, but I liked what I had learned.

And then this happened…

I was so upset.  I know it was an accident, but seriously?  It fell from less than 3 feet and shattered.  The band was on it at the time, so I am sure that  only helped speed the fall.  It still works and I used it since then, but the glass is barely in there.    And then last night, a small piece of the glass popped out, so now it’s a safety hazard.  Apparently Gorilla glass isn’t as durable as they say.

So $75 later, it’s being shipped to the Motorola service center in Dallas, where they will see if they can fix it.  If not, I have no unit and am $75 poorer for the fee and then the cost of the unit.  My fingers crossed that they can fix it.


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