Fun Facts Friday

  • I didn’t drink coffee until I was 32.  More specifically, I started in March.  Now I drink too much
  • I can’t quit staring at my toes.  I got my first shellac pedi last Friday and it looks great.  If it lasts as long as she says, I’m going to be SOLD.  Thank you Groupon for my first.
  • I have a couple of articles of clothing that are more than 10 years old…that I still occasionally wear
  • I have some jewelry from high school from Paul Harris and Lerner’s that I still occasionally wear and I always get comments on
  • I hate paying full price for anything
  • I have a hunting license
  • I love to fish, but only in salt water and I don’t really have time for that these days
  • I have a bad habit of talking over cubical walls at work instead of getting up and going to someone’s office.  Then again, I am not the only one who does that
  • I love rain.  It never rains here.
  • My kitties are a source of joy 99% of the time
  • I have a weird obsession with chewing gum when I am at the gym.  That’s pretty much the only time I have gum.
  • I keep said gum in the console of my car, so I can grab a piece on the way in.  And when it gets hot, my car smells like mint.  It must be peppermint.



3 thoughts on “Fun Facts Friday

  1. Too funny!

    Lerner’s – made me laugh. And the gum thing is weird, my trainer chews gum a lot, as a matter of fact his studio has two Costco giant packs of gum there. I always take a piece when I leave, can’t chew it there because it takes away my focus!

    You can have my rain.

  2. I am serious about the gum while exercising as well. I don’t like when my trainer is have to have me breath all heavy and stuff nearby. I need gum to boost my self-esteem! I drink coffee every day as well! I’m hooked (but at least I drink it black…)

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