Random loves

We got Dan’s birthday quilt back from Campus Quilts.  It looks AWESOME.  I know I could have done it myself, but it’s 3 very different fabrics (which is a sewing challenge) and it would have taken me forever.    I am glad he loves it, because it was incredibly expensive.  And he ended up ordering a bigger size than I had planned. But he loves it and it forced him to actually do something with the shirts that were boxed up (there is still half a box, but not as special shirts).  A few of them are actually mine.

It took us a whole evening to pick and layout the shirts.  I will say, I shed a few tears, looking back at some of the really old ones.  Some good memories.

I love my BFF.  She makes me smile.  I told her and my sister they looked like Pippa and Kate, lol!

Spaghetti squash pizza may have well have just been pizza pasta.  I ended up just mixing it all anyhow and tossing the shell.  It was good though, really good.  Red bell peppers, pepperoni, fresh basil, onions, EVOO and a little mozzarella.

My dad grew some jalapenos that are no joke.  I have a chemical burn on the palm of my right hand from de-seeding them on Sunday.  Stuffed with bacon and Canecuh sausage (from Alabama).  These were part of my special Dan dinner on Sunday. 

Sunday night dinner was something different, simple and easy (in addition to the jalapenos).  DIY caprese skewers for Dan with fresh basil from my patio, veggie assortment, lemon-pepper chicken chunks, greek yogurt  garlic herb dip.

I really thought that if I ate just a little Greek yogurt as dip, I would be fine.  Not the case.  I can’t wait for that ALCAT test to come back to tell me if I have a dairy issue for sure.

I love that my new medicine is here today!  I have been FEDEX stalking the shipment since Friday.  I am looking forward to for the first time actually trying something to fix my issues!  I am tired of sitting, waiting, and watching.  I know it may be a bumpy road and there may be side effects and adjustment period, but any progress would be moving in the right direction!

I love that I don’t have to cook tomorrow night, that I got to pick out the food and drink, and that I can sit on a big leather couch and chill with some of my friends while watching America’s game 🙂


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