Saturday smiles

  • I got a 10 mile run in on Saturday morning, half it it with AK.  It was hot and humid but I felt fine.  I had a clumbsy at mile 9.75 but saved myself from the fall. WHEW!  That was close.  The route was called Jason’s eastside.  I liked it.  New and different was good for me.  
  • Cherries were on sale at Sprouts.  I enjoyed some with coconut water on the way to the gym to shower.  Funny how 2 years ago, I wouldn’t even try cherries.  I hate anything cherry unless it’s fresh cherries.  No maraschino cherries, cherry candy, or cherry pie for me.  Fresh or nothing!
  • I enjoyed a kick butt lunch at Morelia with 4 OPA sisters.  I wish more girls had been able to come, but it was nice to meet 1 alum that I didn’t know that graduated from UT.  And of course the 3 I did know…my bff, my sister, and the lady who does Girl Scouts with me.
  • I got a whole day with my BFF which was FABULOUS.  I’ve seen her twice this month which is rare.  All week all I could think about was seeing her.  She really is my second sister, I love her a ton.
  • Got to enjoy an afternoon Starbucks break with my sister, my BFF, and another sorority sister in the area.  
  • Came home to Dan, who’d been away in Chicago for work all week.  Nice low key evening at home which included tamales.  
  • Still laughing at the fact I wore a houndstooth print dress with dark red flip flops yesterday.  I am surprised Dan let me in the house!  Although, when I pointed it out to him, he hadn’t even noticed, haha!  
  • I have a secret that someone told me and I am SO SO SO excited.  My lips are sealed, but gosh darn it, I am so happy.  Like I cried I was that happy.  LOVE.
  • Missy finally decided that Dan wasn’t the devil anymore.  
It was just a really good day.  Blessed for sure.  I was feeling better, got to see great people, and Dan is home for the next week, after traveling for the better part of the last 3 weeks.

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