Recipes: more from dad’s garden

Breakfast quinoa bake.  Easy.  Quinoa cooked in broth, tomatoes (from the garden), herbs, spinach, egg.  If you do dairy, cheese would be great. Next time i’ll add different types of veggies.  I tried it with broccoli too.  I eat broccoli a lot with breakfast, apparently that’s weird.

Fish with Jalapeno-peach pico (red onions, peaches, and jalapeno from dad’s garden), warm spinach and tomato salad (also from the garden), and green beans.  Made the pico a day ahead of time to let the flavors blend.

I don’t usually do fish leftovers, but I made extra to have for lunch today.  Cold.  I am not a cooked fish or shrimp at work person.  I don’t like when people make gross food smells in the breakroom!

Roasted baby acorn squash with saigon cinnamon and almond butter.  Great dessert!

Our intern brought me some yellow squash today. Not sure if i’ll cook that up or opt for one of the other squash types I have all over my kitchen!  I am thinking squash pizza.  We’ll see 😉

I am LOVING all of this homegrown fresh summer produce.  But it’s a good thing Dan has been traveling.  He doesn’t do quinoa, squashes, or pretty much anything but the jalapeno and tomato dad sent.


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