What’s broken and what’s not

Lab results back and reviewed yesterday at my follow-up appointment.  She went over every single thing, good or bad and told me exactly what that result meant and what that meant for my body.  I loved that she didn’t skip anything and explained everything line by line.

What was good, was really good.  She said I had some impressive numbers, some of them, the best she’s ever seen.  My insulin, calcium, glucose, ferratin, and electrolytes were great.  She said for someone who works out, I was surprisingly better than average on the electrolytes.   There were many other areas I tested well in.

With that being said, the broken stuff is REALLY broken.  My free T3, testosterone, progesterone, cholesterol, lutenizing hormone, and thyroid antibody are all far from where they should be.  After hearing what those things being off in my body does to my function, it makes so much sense why  I feel so poorly sometimes.

What does that mean?

It means 3 different prescriptions and 3 supplements to try to bring everything up to normal.  Everything is all natural and nothing synthetic.  They only do mail-order pharmacy, so on the prescriptions, I have to wait until they come in the mail 😦

I got a two page list of everything, how much, how often, and how to take it.  I think everything is at a different time or way.  I may be relying on my cell phone for reminders of what gets taken when and how for a while.  I started the supplements yesterday.  The rest will start when it all comes in.

They’ll test my levels again in July and we’ll go from there.  Plus i’ll get to see the results from my ALCAT test.  Metametrix?  Yeah, I found out the day I mailed that one, that they no longer want to accept my insurance at their lab 😦  So Metametrix, which I was really looking forward to getting results on, is on hold for now.

I’m not putting all of my hope into this, but I am really optimistic 🙂  I almost cried in her office when she told me what we were aiming for and how at the very least, how I should feel after we get my levels adjusted.  Hopefully I can move off at least some of the treatments if my body can regulate after a while on its own.


3 thoughts on “What’s broken and what’s not

  1. LaVonne says:

    That is great news – sort of. Great news that they found exactly what is going on and have a plan to treat it. Relief.

    But why are things off like that? Is this something they see associated with some sort of condition?

    Keeping you in my thoughts!

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