Ode to my dad

First off, I feel like a jerk for being the only person on Facebook not to post a photo of my dad and why he’s great.  So i’ll do it on my blog instead!

It was a long weekend and I just got my replacement laptop out of the box and running at home, plus we were out of town all weekend.  Not making excuses, but that’s my story, lol.

My dad is pretty awesome and I did see him this weekend. (really disappointed my sister decided to go back to Austin before dinner and never saw my parents!) Dan and I met up with my parents in New Braunfels to do a Father’s Day dinner at Huisache.  My dad does not eat gluten either, so I had to pre-screen a list of places I thought he’d enjoy and let him pick from said list (I think my mom probably actually picked for him).  My mom, dad, and Dan had never been there, and it was a great time for all of them.  Everyone really enjoyed their food and the visiting 🙂    For Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, I gave my parents money to pay movers to help them when they sell their house.  I knew they wouldn’t fork over the money, so I will.  I like to buy my parents things they wouldn’t spend money on themselves.

Here’s a little photo homage to my daddy…

Christmas 2011 after church.  It was SO cold!

He likes to hunt.  I gave him a really nice hunting knife kit with a sheath thing for Christmas 2011.  He was super excited.

He also likes to fish.  Fishing in Port Aransas for his 60th birthday 2 years ago.  I surprised him by showing up unannounced and gave him a super dandy fishing cart that he’d really been wanting.

He’s super supportive.  He’s been to all of my San Antonio races, volunteered and cheered at Cap to Coast, and came to 2 of the 3M half Marathons.

He’s a family man.  He even endures my kitties.

Love my dad.  He’s the best.  He may be grumpy sometimes and always getting into weird projects and experiments in his free time, but he’s one of the smartest and hardest working people I know.  Definitely one of my role models.



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