New road

The visit with the new Dr. (actually nurse practioner for this visit) went well.  Spent an hour going over my medical history for the last year and another 30 minutes going over the labs being done.

She said she is very interested in what the labs come back with.  I had to convince her my resting heart rate is normal for me.  I can’t be the first runner to come through there!  She had already figured I had the adenoma and she didn’t think that it was an issue treat to anything because of it.

This morning I think I gave half the blood in my body and set a new record for vials of blood taken in 1 sitting.   Full blood panel on all of my hormones, thyroid, etc.  On top of that, also ALCAT and Metametrix tests.  Hopefully all of that blood will turn into good data for them to help me.

Follow up is next Tuesday.  I am looking forward to seeing what the results look like.  Everything but the ALCAT and the Metametrix will be back.  Those others take a few weeks to analyze.

Hopefully this avenue will be the road to feeling better 🙂


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