Cold shoulder cat

There is no doubt about it, both of the cats LOVE Dan.  Missy really misses Dan when he travels.  She can hear his voice on the phone and comes running to listen.  When he comes home, she hurries to greet him and then instantly bonds with his luggage.  She then pounces on him to get caught up on petting.

Dan came home on Friday evening and she didn’t run to meet him.  In fact, since last Thursday when she had her tooth procedures and surgery, she wants nothing to do with him.  He wasn’t even here the day of vet stuff!

Even though i’ve been the one shoving meds down her throat twice a day since Thursday, she’s only loving me.  She won’t even go to him when he calls her.  She’s even been going out of her way to ignore him and shower me with her affection.  Not sure if they had a disagreement last weekend or what?

He’s out of town again this week again.  Maybe in that time, she’ll change her mind about disliking him.  I feel kind of bad for him, getting the cold shoulder from the kitty.


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