Kitty dentures

Dan spent the week in Wisconsin for work.  I spent the week drowning in work at the office.  On a 12 person team, we are now down 5 people (4 of them left to pursue other jobs/careers after long stints on our team).  Earlier this week, my co-worker got promoted (which I am super happy about), but that meant another empty hole in our org. chart.  We are hiring to replace all of those positions, it’s just the amount of time it may take.

Our intern is now MY intern.  I need to start delegating work to him and still be mentoring him.  Others just toss work on him and let him go, which in turn, means he’s sitting in my office trying to get direction and guidance.  Not really a good use of his or my time, trying to figure out other people’s directives).  I took him out for a field trip yesterday, which I hope was helpful 🙂  If nothing else, I bought him coffee goodies and fed him awesome cajun food.

Missy’s teeth cleaning turned into Missy having 2 teeth pulled, which left me upset.  I feel like it’s my fault she lost the teeth (no, she doesn’t have dentures, lol).  I am grateful that she woke up from the surgery and seems to be fine.  She’s old and I know the risk of surgery is higher, so I was a wreck all day long.  I thought i’d be fine, but once I signed the papers when I dropped her off, I cried on the way to work.  The thought of something happening to her was too much.  She’s in great spirits now though, except the twice a day when I have to shove drops and gel down her throat for medication.  Funny, Dan came home last night and she was only loving me, not him, which is rare, she’s usually excited to see him come home.  Even though I was the meanie who took her to the vet and makes her take meds, she’s still my girl 🙂

I missed a call yesterday, which made me sad.  It was my newest Dr. calling to give me an appt today because of a cancellation.  I missed the call and the appt because apparently the next person on their list answered the phone.  They think maybe I can take the opening that opening freed on the 12th (instead of 22nd), yay!  Now I’m trying alternative medicine route to see if I can’t get my hormone levels straight and feel better.  Insurance unfortunately only pays the labs, but if it works, it will be worth every single penny.  I’m being really optimistic about this.  I haven’t given up on my Endocrinologist, but she isn’t exactly being very helpful.

Dan is gone again starting Monday, so i’ll probably spend extra hours in the office for my own peace of mind.  Plus i’m having work visitors from different parts of the state, so I may be entertaining them for lunch and dinner, which may be fun.  It’s a very full week, with an even fuller weekend next weekend!


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