Work your glutes

It may save your ass 😉

So the cleaning crew at work cleans the toilets every night after everyone leaves.  They leave the seats up  to dry.  They stay up until the first person uses that stall in the morning.

Monday morning I walk in and am the first one to use the bathroom on our floor.  This is the case almost every morning.  I saw the seat was up in all 5 stalls.

I however for some reason did not remember to put said seat down.

The only thing that saved me from plunging into the toilet was my butt.  Had my rear been more jiggly or shaped different, I would have taken an unintended bath and in turn, would have taken a sick day for the rest of the day.   The thought of toilet water touching me, especially in public is repulsive.

So my Monday started off in the shitter….literally.


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