Things I like Thursday: Island Time

Not a vacation of the physical kind, but of the musical kind 😉  Wednesday night was Jimmy Buffett at ACL Live at the Moody Theater with Dan and his parents.  First time for all of us to see him in concert.

Dinner first at Austin Java.  Still not blown away by their food, their menu may be better than the things I’ve tried, just don’t think is stellar.  I did think the flamingo picks in the food were cute!  Too bad that tuna was overcooked.

Of course the special reflected the evening, Cheeseburger in Paradise with a Landshark beer

Although Dan and his mom both got it  and claimed it was good,  it didn’t look all that “paradise” like to me.  Something about a perfectly round burger weirds me out.  I like fresh and hand-formed.  I am a burger snob.  It did have some pretty greens and tomatoes on it, which he promptly discarded.  He usually eats lettuce and tomato, but I guess this type was too healthy.  Weirdo.

This made me laugh out loud.

And so did the statue of Willie Nelson outside of the Moody Theater. Apparently some people were deeply offended by this.  Seriously?  You know Willie Nelson saw this and laughed his stoned ass off!

The show itself was interesting, i’ll have to post some of Dan’s photos when he uploads them.  The tickets were his mom’s mother’s day gift.  I know she thoroughly enjoyed the show, although we were both worried about her and some of the aggressive drunks (and the fact she was trying to push some people’s buttons).  Not sure his dad enjoyed it, but he always does whatever she wants, which is SO cute.  Luckily none of us got into any fights or got injured.

I will say that the floor crowd was very aggressive despite most of them being my parents age!  1 really huge fight and people were very protective of their “spots”!  You would have thought these were high school and college kids!  Forget trying to go to and from the bathroom and bar.

Note of advice, if you do need to get through the crowd, if you put a stuffed parrot in your dress and walk to the bathroom, you will get a lot of attention and will make friends.  This proves beneficial when trying to make your way back through to your group.  People remember a girl with a parrot in her dress.  I didn’t bring a parrot, I found him on the floor and made him mine.

Yes, I was that girl, and no I don’t drink.  😉


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