Sunday sunburn

I regret we took no camera with us on Sunday and even with our phones, we barely took any photos!

Sunday adventures took us to Fredericksburg.  We left at 8 am, so there was none of my usual Sunday morning, which made me sad.    We went to the Nimitz  National Museum of the Pacific War.  Dan and his dad are military history nuts and Dan’s dad is a veteran.

The museum was neat (I liked the artifacts mostly), but they recommended TWO days to tour it. We had 2 hours.  We got there at 10, then lunch at noon, then the re-enactment at 1.

Did lunch at the Peach Tree Tea room which is an old family favorite of mine.  Dan and his parents loved it.  (they had chicken salad, tuna, and pimento cheese sandwiches with the tomatillo soup).  My food was just alright, which was disappointing to me (most of their stuff isn’t GF, so I had a salad).  Plus I was hungry like 2 hours later, so I ended up with pistachios and spicy jerky later in the day.  They liked the soup so much, Dan’s mom got the cookbook to make it when she gets home (I told her to buy tomatillos before they leave, not sure they sell those in AL).

The re-enactment was my favorite part, it was almost 2 hours but very interesting.  The first half was a history and demo on all of the guns and equipment, the second half was actual battle.

After that we went to Luckenbach to show his parents the town.  We eventually talked his mom into a photo on the real longhorn they have there.    I think Virgil got a kick out of Dan’s mom and he got to boost her up by her bottom which was a moment that really should have been caught on video.  SO funny!

Then we headed home the long and scenic way.  And somehow I wound up sunburned.  Guess the back windshield of their rental car is not as tinted and more sloped than my car.

I wasn’t feeling great all day and in fact, I sent them on to dinner without me….except they didn’t go.  I ate and went to bed super early.  They decided to stay in and make appetizers/snacks to eat for dinner.  I’d originally said I was just going to nap, which turned into me not getting out of bed until Monday morning!


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